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Please help us meet our goal of reaching everyone and helping them to take back their health by donating to Bulldozer Health. Enter the amount you wish to donate in the box below, and help us. Any amount helps us to help others take back their health.  

That said, here are some amounts and what we will do with them to help you understand what we need:

1. $25 will give an individual enough money to buy some healthy vegetables and fruits for a week. 

2. $25 will help an individual access some herbal treatments through our alternative health network. 

3. $35 will help an individual access an alternative health care treatment

4. $50 will purchase sponsorship of a podcast.

5. $100 will help an individual in a legal cannabis state pay state fees or purchase some medicinal cannabis.

6. $150  will purchase partial sponsorship of one of our Take back your health America benefit concerts.

7.  $250 will pay expenses of videography for one of our events or talks. This donation keeps on giving because then we can sell DVD's and CD's of the event to raise more money. 

8.  $300 will sponsor a T shirt run with your health related business on the shirt. This donation keeps on giving because then we can sell the Tshirts to raise more money. 

9.  $500 will help pay travel expenses and related costs in visiting U.S. Congressman to continue to work at getting the pharmaceutical drug ads off of TV.  

10. $1,200 will make you a major sponsor for a take back your health America benefit concert,  covering half (and sometimes all of depending on location, sound, and band costs) travel and operational expenses for sponsorship of a Take back your health America benefit concert.  

We could go on and on as our numerous programs all require funding. This is not all inclusive, and is meant to just give you an idea of some of the costs. 

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